Taekwondo Syllabus


To assist you in your training we have produced a club handbook and syllabus. This contains lots of useful information as well as lesson logs to help you keep track of how many lessons you have attended since your last grading. You can download this from below or alternatively a hard back copy is available for purchase from your instructor.

Kup Grade Syllabus 2016

Taekwondo Grading Application Forms 

Please print the appropriate grading application form for your grade, fill in the top section and return it to your instructor along with the £25 grading fee. (These forms also double nicely as practice sheets for you to use in the run up to your grading)

10th-kup-to-9th-kup – white belts going for yellow tag

9th-kup-to-8th-kup – yellow tags going for yellow belt

8th-kup-to-7th-kup – yellow belts going for green tag

7th-kup-to-6th-kup – green tags going for green belts

6th-kup-to-5th-kup – green belts going for blue tag

5th-kup-to-4th-kup – blue tags going for blue belts

4th-kup-to-3rd-kup – blue belts going for red tag

3rd-kup-to-2nd-kup – red tags going for red belt

2nd-kup-to-1st-kup-rev-b – red belts going for black tag


Hapkido Syllabus 

Hapkido Syllabus – This document details the minimum requirements for each Hapkido grading between white belt and black belt. It is intended as a guide only for students.