Our instructors work hard to keep all students progressing through the grade system whilst maintaining our high standards.

To move from grade to grade students take practical exams known as gradings. If you are new to Taekwondo it will take you about three months of training before you are ready to take part in your first grading.
Here is a overview of the practical skills you must perfect before moving on to the next grade. Click on the image for the full sized view.

Adults are required to learn all skills shown whilst our younger students are only required to master those shown in bold and not those shown in blue.

You can download the full Taekwondo grading syllabus from our downloads page.

All our students are awarded with British Taekwondo Certificates that are recognised by all major Taekwondo governing bodies around the world. Should you need to move around and change clubs during your training you can still keep the grade you have attained.

In Taekwondo the order of belts you grade through is shown below. The minimum training time between grading is also shown:

White Belt (10th Kup)
3 months training
White Belt, Yellow Tag (9th Kup)
3 months training
Yellow Belt (8th Kup)
3 months training
Yellow Belt, Green Tag (7th Kup)
3 months training
Green Belt (6th Kup)
3 months training
Green Belt, Blue Tag (5th Kup)
3 months training
Blue Belt (4th Kup)
6 months training
Blue Belt , Red Tag (3rd Kup)
6 months training
Red Belt (2nd Kup)
6 months training
Red Belt, Black Tag (1st Kup)
6 months training
Black Belt (1st Dan)
1 years training
Black Belt (2nd Dan)
2 years training
Black Belt (3rd Dan)

Dan grades continue to 9th Dan with the training time in between gradings increasing by one year with each grade.

Your instructor will work towards each grading with you and advise you when you are ready to grade. As with most exams, it is your performance on the day that is most important so it is up to you to prepare and do your best to pass. If you do not pass you can retake the exam in your own time. All students are treated as individuals with age, physical and learning abilities all being taken into account.

We have some of the best instructors around and maintain excellent standards amongst students of all ages. Through training in our club you will earn a grade you can be proud of.

Progression & Gradings
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4PGROur instructors work hard to keep all students progressing through the grade system whilst maintaining our high standards.7FLXFlexibility is a very important part of your Taekwondo training and helps improve your general techniques, balance and will also help you avoid injury.4INJDuring your Taekwondo training you will probably pick up a few bumps and bruises and it is important that you are very disciplined in treating your injuries. 4TKDTaekwondo’s routes lay in a variety of ancient martial arts and their evolution throughout Korean history.
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